The Lamplight Project

A musical project to benefit the homeless in your community

How To Arrange A Concert

      Lamplight has been designed with the idea of helping your congregation to raise money for a homeless shelter in your area.  The songs in the concert have all been selected with the theme of the love and comforts of home, both to entertain and inspire the audience.  While enjoying the performance, they will hopefully think gratefully of their own homes and give generously to those who don't have a home of their own.

      In 2016, Kate received a grant from her home church, the 1st Congregational United Church of Christ in River Falls, Wisconsin, to produce a Lamplight Concert at six new venues.   Because the grant covers the expenses of  each concert, you can now arrange for a 2016 concert at your church or other venue with no cost to your organization.  

      However, when your group or church joins the Lamplight Concert partnership, you should intend to act as full participants working toward the Lamplight goal:  raising money to help fight homelessness. 

     The responsibilities of your organization include the following:

  • Contact the Lamplight team to coordinate a concert date.
  •  Find a homeless shelter or similar charity in your area to benefit from revenues from the concert. 
  • Contact the charity, invite them to speak to your group or congregation, and then also invite them to speak at the night of the concert.  
  • Use the publicity materials that we provide to promote the concert with energy and enthusiasm.  
  • Consider hosting a reception for audience fellowship following the concert.

Once we settle on a date, we will be sending you posters and other promotional materials.  

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